We have finally heard some news from the Peace Corps! 🙂


Which really means that we have to send them back a survey…. but* it is so nice to see our staging date in an email from the Peace Corps!! 🙂

So what our staging date means is, that is our day to leave Indiana. We will still be in the United States for two days but they take that time to give us a mini-orientation with passports and tickets to* Morocco along with any other information they think is important. SO* veryyyyy exciting!

Also* in exciting news… we are leaving for our road trip this coming week!! We are very excited and have been chatting about plans and options… and very excited to see family and friends!!! As of right now.. this is our plan:

Lexington, KYon Wednesday, February 8th

Atlanta, GA on Thursday, February 9th

Birmingham, AL on Saturday, February 11th

My half marathon is February 12th in Birmingham 🙂

New Orleans, LA on Sunday, February 12th

Austin, TX on Tuesday, February 14th

Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday, February 15th

Grand Canyon State Park 

Utah State Park

Boulder, CO

Abilene, KS

Oklahoma City, OK

Little Rock, AR

St. Louis, MO

The ambiguity on the last dates are a compromise between Tyler and I. We planned the first part of the trip out with dates and lots of details, which means we can be more relaxed and go with the flow for the second part of it!

I will try to update throughout the trip on the cities and people we visit.

The things I am most excited for?

The Grand Canyon!

seeing family and friends

meeting new people 🙂


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