Bartma Search Continues

Brief update, first one by me (Tyler)…hence the brevity

This morning we went to present ourselves as ejnib (foreigners) to the local bulis (police) to inform them that we will be in town for a couple years. Upon entering the station the guard immediately asked mushkill (problem)? We replied in broken Arabic that we were told to come there to inform them that we are in Larache for the next 2 years. We proceeded to be shuffled between different rooms until we landed in the office of an unfortunate gentlemen that had no idea he had just been presented with two Americans who speak broken Arabic, some spanish and little to no French. After about an hour of charades and fumbling for words in 4 different languages, we left the station with instructions to return with 4 copies of every document we had presented in addition to our marriage certificate and a copy of our CV’s (resume–we aren’t sure why they want this one?).  We had set out to mark something off our to-do list by going to see the bulis, as it turns out, we created more work for ourselves!

We then made the trek to the center of Larache,  which is called Plaza Espana, where we met with Mito, the friendly gentlemen we met yesterday. He introduced us to, Abderhman, the owner of a qhwa (Cafe), who lived in England for 16 years. The ability to speak with him in English and get his advise for our apartment search was refreshing. He informed us that his family has a small flat that they are currently remodeling and hope to have finished in a few weeks and hope to rent. He has promised to show it to us in the morning, inshallah (god willing). Following our tea at the qhwa, he invited us to his house for lunch with his wife and three young kids. We spent much of the afternoon with his family and then went to the bus station to pick up our final piece of luggage that the Peace Corps shipped to us from Rabat.

All went well today, we made some new contacts and hopefully tomorrow will bring some more of the same.

Until then, take care!


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