The Two and a Half Apartments

Sorry for the delay in updates folks! I hope you aren’t thinking that we have hit a wall!!! Although there have been a couple to climb over– and I am sure there will continue to be some with this housing search, DON’T FEAR*, we have made SOME progress!!

Let’s see… where did we leave you? We had met Abderhaman, a nice cafe owner, through Mito and had lunch with his family! Well, that day I began to feel a bit feverish… so we stayed in for the rest of Monday. Then late Tuesday morning, my fever had subsided a bit so we set out to see our first apartment! I can see us in this apartment…hmm….. about 4 months from now. Abderhaman had told us that it was being remodeled– he however didn’t tell us how much. He said in 2-3 weeks time we could be in it- then the next day it changed to 3-4 weeks– THEN when we went to see the apartment his cousin told us a week. So even though it is cute, it still needs a ton* of work.. and if we had the time we would love to help fix it up and such, but unfortunately with our timeline… time is not on our side.

Also unfortunately, my fever returned with a vengeance along with other ailments. I started on a regimen of ibuprofen and antacids…. with a side of tuna and rice for lunch (which was supposed to help my stomach). However it seemed that the tuna and rice bothered my poor stomach more than it helped– who would have thought? Anyway, the rest of my Tuesday was spent inside as well! But seeing our first apartment made it a successful Tuesday!!!

Wednesday is our busy day of the week… we have a meeting with our mudir and the other teachers at 10:30 in the morning and then teach an English class from 6-8 in the evening. After a night of being ill, Tyler forged the path of meetings and English classes on his own! And little to our knowledge, by the end of the day he would see not one* but one and a half apartments! The one, owned by a lady who lived in England, was way too big for us. But she tried to call a couple of other people who might know of apartments on our behalf. The half apartment– I call it that because Tyler only saw the outside- seems absolutely perfect! It is on a quiet little street near the Dar Chabab and our neighbor would be a man who works at the Dar Chabab. However, the key apparently is 200 km away and it may be 2-3 weeks before the key gets here. Enshallah, it will be sooner. But our would-be neighbor seems to think that we have about a month or two before we need an apartment– he says that we need to relax and go with the Moroccan flow. 🙂 I attempted to explain that I would love to… but we have only a couple of weeks… he didn’t seem to want to listen, just continued dancing around the office with Tyler under his arm! Well… enshallah 🙂

Today, we are hoping is… productive! I finally feel up to par so this afternoon we are hopefully going to see an apartment that a woman said might be available as well as talk to the owner of a bakery that said he would help us. We can also talk to Abderhaman about other places and then the lady who lived in England might be able to help us! Also, we are having lunch with some American friends of our host family– maybe we can ask them if they know anyone?! Enshallah! 🙂

We are about 5 days and counting… so we shall see!! Wish us luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Two and a Half Apartments

  1. Hopefully things go good today. Sorry to hear you were a little puncky this week but feeling better now. Hopefully we can talk this weekend. Love you Papa Duff

  2. You’re so busy! I hope you’re feeling better little lady. You are government property now, so you aren’t allowed to be sick 😉 Miss you oodles!

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