The Simsar

Just a short update…..

We have had some GREAT success in looking at a couple more places! One was found by our mudir and the other was by a simsar (pronounced as spelled). A Simsar is essentially a rental agent, who’s payment depends on the simsar, that will help you navigate the trenches of finding an apartment in Morocco. This simsar was introduced to us by the amazing American family who we met on Friday at lunch.

Now although we definitely have two places that we can move into– they both have their pros and cons– which we have weighed carefully over the last couple of days.

However– we seem to still be frustrated– we would like for the simsar to show us at least one or two more places… but even though he found one place right away, we have not heard from him since Friday.    And the landlord of our one apartment needs to know by tomorrow morning on whether we will take that apartment or not… so what to do? Wait for a couple more apartments to come up… sign on one of the two that we have now?

I guess only time will tell!!!

Hoping for a more positive update on the housing search tomorrow!


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