Check back in a week….

Time for a long overdue update!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We decided on our house on Monday afternoon and we were able to get it checked for security purposes by a second-year Peace Corps volunteer on Wednesday! WAHOOO!!

However, there is a bit of a catch! Unlike some of our fellow PCV’s who have moved into their new homes (Congratulations to those who have!!) we still have about a week before we move into our beloved home! We plan to use that time to try and round up some things… pots, pans, bed, rugs etc. The landlord told us to come back on Wednesday to make sure everything has been done (the painting, electrical and some of the glass work still needed to be worked on) and then by Thursday or Friday everything should be good to go! We are beyond* excited for a chance to shop around for things and begin to make our own meals, invite people over etc.etc.

In other news, we may have found a tutor… thanks to the help of an American family that lives in Larache (who was also instrumental in our finding a fabulous apartment)! So hopefully we can meet with the tutor sometime and see how things go!

As for right now, we are relaxing for the next couple of days to gear up in finding things for the apartment and bargaining for them!

We are having some trouble in procuring a post office box so don’t worry for those that want to send things… we ARE working on it! But as with most things in Morocco, we were told to check back in a week. We went to the post office on Wednesday and were told that the boxes were full? Although, I have never heard of this… nothing really surprises me any more, so we’ll check back next week (maybe every day?) to see if we are able to get a box! Inshallah, we will be successful! 🙂

Hopefully, we will check back with you in a week 😉


One thought on “Check back in a week….

  1. Does everything happen “in a week?” Glad to hear that some things are working out for you lovely! I can’t wait to send some goodies over your way!

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