Saving Morocco… one kitten at a time!

So great news!!!!

We didn’t have to come back in a week!!  We are moved in! Very exciting!
Here is how our new bed and ponges (foam cushions used as sofa type sitting aparatus) were transported to our apartment:

AND* we have a post office box!!! We will be posting a wish list soon! Our address is:

B.P. 613
LARACHE,  92000

Next goal: Getting a refrigerator!!!

So I am not sure if I have explained this one yet… apartments (I am speaking in general, from the ones we saw) in Morocco — unless they are furnished– do not come with anything “extra”. Which means… no fridge, oven, stove, or hot water heater. Thank goodness they come with toilets, sinks etc. We bought a stove last week (which is run by butane gas tank)… and our project for this week is a refrigerator.

Our issue with this is price and guarantee. We have seen some new* fridges… that are quite a bit above our price range. However, they come with a guarantee that we can go back to the store and if there is a problem then they will come fix it. The price is a bit of an issue- we set our budget pretty low and have been a little discouraged with the prices that we have been told for both new and secondhand fridges. But the good thing is that we have seen quite a few secondhand fridges, one specifically had a brand new hole in the back of it with a fan that made it cold enough that the seller could justify its “working”. Another positive thing is that* there is not a shortage of either new or used fridges… so we can definitely take our time in choosing them.

Overall, we have been pretty confused about the pricing system here. It seems like some stores have the “fixed” prices… but then we go to several of those stores and they seem to be offering different prices. THEN we go to the market (a place where we thought everything would be negotiable) and it seems that the people are either giving us the same price for quite a few items OR telling us that the price is fixed. I am sure we will figure it all out…it will just take a little more time and a lot* of deep breaths.

Also, I wanted to post a picture of our new family member! His name is Henry and appears to be about a month old! (He looks a little bit like an alien in this picture…. not sure why)

In other news: Caramel has become a part of a new family, another volunteer where she was staying really wanted a kitten, so don’t worry folks, we only have one kitten!

Wish us luck on our fridge hunt!




Paige, I hope your marathon went well this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Saving Morocco… one kitten at a time!

  1. Thank you, best friend! I’m so excited that you two finally moved in and I can send you packages!! Good luck with fridge hunting/negotiating and taking care of little Henry!


  2. Good to talk to you yesterday. Amber so glad that you can barter. Sure you will find a good deal. Enjoyed the tour of your new apartment it looked sooooo cozy. You both are very amazing. LOVE you both very much! Be safe. Papa Duff

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