First Week with the Duffers

So! Now that we are moved into our new apartment… we have been getting to know Larache in a whole new way! We are finding hanoots (stores) where the owners are nice and friendly and with whom we can hopefully develop a relationship over the next couple years! So far, we have a meat guy and we think* we might have a spice place!

Another new adventure is cooking… because we have had host families for the past three months, we have not been able to explore the culinary options (outside of traditional Moroccan food).

So here is our first week… in food!


Of course the first thing I wanted to make on our stove in our new pot (within ten minutes of arriving)- POPCORN!!

Our first night in the apartment we bought these delicious* sandwiches from a sandwich store near our apartment- AMAZING!

Saturday night, we made tortilla espanola (spanish omelette with potoates and onions) with homemade tortillas and the delicious in-season apricots!

Sunday, was my first attempt at delicious milliwee (or Er Ghaif) which is a flaky bread commonly found here!

Sunday night, we had delicious pasta sauce with noodles (and vegetables for me)!!!! We decided that Sunday will be our regular meat day (because it is a little expensive).

Monday night,  we made turkey nuggets with sauteed vegetables! (And it was so good, I completely forgot to take a picture!)

Tuesday night, was my attempt at falafels (which I had no idea could be so high maintenance) with macaroni and cheese with mashed pototoes!!!! The falafels need a little work, but the other two were delicious!

Wednesday, which is our busy day, we had a big lunch which was Sloppy Joes and french fries, with of course- apricots!!!! It was a pretty delicious meal!

Thursday night, we tried to recreate a delicious meal that we had at our first host families’– eggs in tomato sauce, wasn’t exactly the same but still delicious!!!

My second attempt at milliwee, which didn’t turn out exactly the way it should so I made chocolate and cheese pockets! Which were amazing (I found out later that I was putting small cous cous in this recipe because of a miscommunication between me and the spice guy, good that we know now! 🙂 )

So that has been our week!!!!!! In other news, we found and bought a fridge! WAHOO! AND* we received something in our mailbox…. which was apparently for “Amber Duffer”, good to know we still get our mail when our name is spelled wrong! 🙂

As a close to our first fabulous week in our apartment, the sunset was especially beautiful tonight!

P.S. I forgot to post that we gave Tyler a much needed haircut!!!


3 thoughts on “First Week with the Duffers

  1. What an exciting week for you two!!! Great meal pictures! Very happy to hear you found a FRIG…
    Love you very much and think of you daily.
    Mom & Dad

  2. being from Louisiana I am sooooooo happy that u guys r eating period. I miss Tyler (& Amber) … I just hoping that the ‘times flies’ clique holds true 4 da next 2 yrs. Thinking of u everyday I go 2 work lol … much love

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