Teacher appreciation day!

Not that I don’t appreciate teachers already, I owe a majority of my knowledge to all of the teachers that have taught me over the years! I also owe them a HUGE* thank you for having enough patience to put up with my classmates and I. The long days, full classrooms, difficult administrations, changing expectations and demands- CRAZY!  But, its not just the teachers from my childhood- it is the new teachers that I also have to admire! The ones that were in some of my classes at IU, my friends, my peers… they are starting their careers…and have so much to look forward to.. so many students to inspire and motivate!!! 

I have been a bit sentimental lately and I think now it is transferring to my classroom here! It is nearing the end of our “semester” (Tyler and I were able to set up a schedule that started at the beginning of October and will end with a party in the middle of December), and I have realized how much my beginner and advanced students have grown.  It is incredible! Especially considering how much some of them have on their plates. During my lesson planning today, I was reading some of the journals that I have asked my advanced students to write in (an inspiration from a fellow PCV-thanks Jess! 🙂  ) And I realized how much I really like teaching here. I had an inkling awhile back that I have been enjoying what I am doing– but today it finally hit me!!! I LOVE IT! When students get an answer correct or are able to correctly put together a present perfect continuous sentence… WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an amazing feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It overpowers the frustrations not only inside of the classroom- but also gives me a sense of purpose here. I also adore getting to know my students- it makes me truly thankful that I am able to teach them something… even if they only remember one thing! They allow me to feel more at home and useful!

Now, I know some of you might be thinking… you can become a teacher in the US!!!! And trust me, I have thought about that and even tried studying to become a teacher… twice. I am still not sure what doesn’t feel right about it..which is something I can further explore here. I LOVE* teaching… I love the students and content, but it doesn’t feel like its what I should be doing. However, that is why this post is about appreciating my former teachers and those becoming teachers– because maybe one day– one of your students will be teaching English abroad wondering, how on earth you taught for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week?!?!?!?!  AMAZING!


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