In the mood for food!!!!

In the neverending search of the true purpose of this blog… I have decided to add another food component. I have been posting recipes every now and then… but as I reflect on the past couple of weeks I notice how vital of a role food is playing in our lives. As an actual schedule *gasp* starts to appear, I find myself peeling myself out of my sleeping bag (also known lately as my cocoon) and heading to the counter everyday around 1 o’clock to prepare our big meal for the day. Similarly, as holidays come closer and it gets colder, food is our go-to comfort! So I wanted to share some of our fabulous discoveries…..

 Bacon and cheese pizza ( pizza has become a weekly favorite)


A Delicious “burrito bowl” made by a fellow volunteer


Vegetable and bean soup

Mashed cauliflower  (with some potatoes to appease Tyler)

photo (1)

Buttermilk Herb Biscuits

Veggie Burgers

photo (2)

“Chocolate Golden” Truffles

Apple Cider

photo (3)

Obviously some*, I have forgotten the pictures but I will remember next time! It is becoming a little rainier so I am sure that our cups of hot chocolate and tea will increase EVEN MORE!!! And hopefully our recent price spike in tomatoes does not stick around! O! The life where tomato price does not affect your happiness 🙂


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