Blog for Choice 2013

I want to caution anyone reading this that this post will be about being pro-women, pro-feminist, and pro-choice on the issue of abortion. If you choose to read, that is your choice  and it is also your choice to disagree. 

So… I have thought long and hard about the decision to blog on this day. But in as simple of statements as possible, I will attempt to explain my decision to write about this issue.

I believe that this blog has been a way for me to get to know myself in a new way.

I believe in a statement made by a fellow PCV recently… that if you come out of the Peace Corps without strong convictions then you have not done enough soul-searching.

I believe that this blog and any blogs are fantastic platforms to be vulnerable and opportunities to BE strong in your convictions.

I believe that in not talking about subjects, it makes them more taboo, more uncomfortable and most importantly unsolvable. 

So in these beliefs, on the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, I will share a blog post that I believe displays the importance of pro-choice policies.

Become informed here.


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