No beans about it….

I was a vegetarian from August 2006 until October 2011. In October 2011, I made the commitment to eat meat when coming to Morocco. Part of my reasoning stems from my discomfort in forcing people to adapt habits in their own home to my needs. Since we were to be living with a family, I thought it would be best to accommodate. Also, many of my reasons for being a vegetarian in the US (animal mistreatment, hormones, antibiotics etc.etc.) don’t really exist here- although the mistreatment of animals could be debated. You can see most of the meat be killed right* in front of your very own eyes AND you see sheep and cows being herded all over Morocc0- so there is no argument that free range is an issue. That being said, I know several volunteers who are still vegetarian, and I completely support them and their reasons. It was just a personal choice that I felt would be beneficial for my time here.

Anyway… that being said, Tyler and I still eat a TON* of vegetarian foods. It turns out, meat is kind of expensive here… especially for the PCV budget- so it is just cheaper to make veggie things!!! SO** that means we have been BEANING it up a TON! We hardly ever have at beans at home, now it is definitely a staple! So I wanted to share the delicious, beany options that we have been dining on!

photoMoroccan white beans over cornbread! YUM!


Lentil Tacos (or in my case, taco salad)


Czech Lentil-Balls

Lentil-Barley Burgers (I forgot to take a picture of these, but they were BEAN-errific!!!!!)


Moroccan Chickpeas- I put these on top of roasted cabbage, a new favorite of mine!

Snobby Joes-I forgot to take a picture of these too…. but they were a little more than fantastic! Tyler gave them a 7/10 on his “delicious” scale! For those of you who know him, you know that this is quite the feat when the meal does not consist of chicken fingers!


Lentil Meatballs

Garbanzo egg drop soup! It may sound a little strange – but I made too many Garbanzo beans and it was actually pleasing to the tastebuds to throw some veggies and eggs in with the beans!


Texas pinto beans! Some of these may look the same… but I assure you, the rich and spice-ness of putting different herbs and spices together is culinary-ly satisfying!


And our NEW favorite…….

We took our delicious veggie burgers and cut out the middle -PLOP! A perfect space for an egg!! A new version of a bird’s nest…remodeled if you will…  a new 21st century…….. veghouse!

You would think that we are beaned out… BUT* we are just getting started!!! Just today I found recipes for lentil pizza and zucchini boats! I know you are excited to see how those turn out, or as my parents would say…. cool beans! 🙂

P.S. I was disappointed with my lack of bean pun creativity…. so if you think of any, feel free to post them!

Love and cous cous from Morocco!


2 thoughts on “No beans about it….

  1. They all sound VERY delicious…hope we can sample some of them when we visit in June. Just 3 months away!!! YAY!!!

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