Morroccan Nibblies

Nibblies= little tidbits/updates on life!

1. happy to report that we have some things “in-progress” – after being hibernated for a year my “let’s plan things!” attitude has returned in full force! I didn’t realize this until my mudir returned from being sick and I had about a million and one things to ask him about! I’m sure he missed me a lot!

2. We had a successful field day! Which was really just an obstacle course at the beach.  It took 4 hours to organize two 3-minute obstacle course runs… But that is Morocco! Here’s a video from the day- notice how they change the rules of tug-o-war so they can extend their losing to the other team- have I ever said that Moroccans LOVE LOVE LOVE competition and hate to lose?

3. Most of our fellow staj-mates (our group) have been posting about being in-country for one year! Unfortunately because of some untimely sickness and flight delays… Tyler and I are not able to post our OFFICIAL one -year until tomorrow! Which ironically, is the day that Tyler is going to Istanbul to meet our friends, Ben and Scott! Then they will come back to see some of Morocco- HOORAY VISITORS!

4. I bought this WONDERFUL sweater at souk the other day- 3 dirhams! Can I get a “bssaH” (“really” in darija). That’s less than 50 cents! IN LOVE* with the little mushroom that is on there- althought, Tyler thinks that it is a telephone- thoughts? Also, we found some amazing jeans for Tyler! We got them for 30 dirhams (about 3 dollars) and we looked online when we got home and they were originally 70 euros!!!!


5. My level 4//current events class where we are currently reading a book on self-improvement (heyyyy, psychology degree at work) had a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (hence green cookies) and birthdays! Here is a picture of our treats!



6. Not much time to try new things lately but we tried making cheesy cauliflower “breadsticks”, ginger and parsley hummus and lentil stuffed cabbage! DELISH!!!



7. We finally got Layla spayed- we took her up to a vet in Tangier because our vet in Larache said he wouldn’t do the operation. Fun fact: in Britian they do these operations from the side- instead of on their stomach. We weren’t provided with a cone (again) so we had to makeshift one… She is much more intelligent than Henry and got the box off right away, so we had to use a plastic flower pot :/ poor little girl!


8. IT’S SPRING!!!!!!! Finally no more wet walls or temperatures in the 40s at night ( I hope!). April’s weather was terrible last year in Ifrane so I am hoping to learn that weather in Larache is 100x better!


2 thoughts on “Morroccan Nibblies

  1. Good to hear thinks are going well. Can’t believe it has been a year. Have a great week end. Be safe. Love you Papa Duff

  2. I love reading all of your posts. Can’t believe you’ve been there a year! I watched the field day videos. Interesting camera technique Tyler!! Sideways view!! Hahahaha!! We will be having our Duffey Easter on Sunday. Maybe we can Skype with you guys? I’m totally ignorant on how any of that works so I’ll have to leave it to others to make it happen. Love you guys!! Miss you! But it looks and sounds like you are having an amazing experience!

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