victories and defeats

In the past couple of years, my beloved Hoosiers have seen some seemingly insurmountable victories as well as some heartbreaking defeats. Those boys in crimson have brought their fans a colorful array of action-packed basketball games. There have been moments where it is possible they will  lose an important game, only to come out with a close win! Or those games that they should* have won, but for some reason, that night it  just wasn’t in the cards. Like Zeller, Jordy and Oladipo, in the past year I have had my highs and lows.

Today is the PERFECT* example of the rollar coaster ride that is Peace Corps:

HIGH: Scott and Ben are visiting! It has been absolutely AMAZING to have them to chat with – and they still smell a little bit like America (thats not creepy at all, right?).

HIGH: Thursday means Spanish class!!!!!!!

LOW: When I try to speak Spanish- Arabic comes out.

LOW:  reviewing past tense makes me realize how much Spanish I have forgotten

HIGH: Tomatoes are back down to 3 dirhams!!! Summer is on its way!

LOW/HIGH: the sun is out and incredibly warm- but the rain clouds that come frequently makes me think that the hoodie I washed the other day will never dry.

HIGH: relaxing afternoon cuddling with fur-babies! Layla is almost ready for her “flower pot of shame” to come off!

LOW:  as per usual, I am late to class

LOW: the projector at the association is not connecting with my  computer

LOW: my new baccalaureate students are not doing their homework and really do not seem to care much

HIGH: they did write their paragraphs that I asked them to do for homework!

LOW: the paragraphs were definitely below where they should be and I continue to worry about how to prepare them for their test in June

LOW: the students were strangely giggly the entire class. At the end, I realize my hands are covered in dry erase marker- and they informed me- so was my face. Thanks a heap, coyote ugly.

LOW: I planned to print off something for my second class- but the printer at the association is not working. I should’ve given myself enough time to go to the cyber! Mashi mushkil (no problem) I will just use the projector at the Dar Chabab.

LOW: After speaking to my assistant mudir about an upcoming training- he tells me that he does not want to go to Rabat for 5 days. Well, woof!

LOW: the good projector is not available at the Dar Chabab- and the other one does not have the connector cord

HIGH:  I remind myself that I should be thankful that sometimes I have the use of a projector

HIGH: the connector cord comes in and it works!!!!

HIGH: the class passes by successfully and by the end, two groups of students have their article done for our newspaper for the party in May!

HIGH: Although I miss Tyler, I am grateful for the opportunities to be independent- even if they do wear me out!

HIGH:  the new volunteers are in their sites and I am hoping to meet some of  them this weekend!

HIGH: as I listen to our mul-Hanoot (store  owner) tell me about the Casablance vs. Jadida soccer game- it is a pleasant reminder of how far our relationship has come!

This particular day was more extreme than usual, but in the midst of the craziness it is important to remember to breathe and be grateful that we have the opportunity to live and work in Morocco. And like my Hoosiers ” never daunted, we cannot falter! In the battle, we’re tried and true”!!!



2 thoughts on “victories and defeats

  1. Your blog is definitely one of the highs of my day! We are all so proud of what you are doing and achieving. Love and miss you!!

  2. Looked like to me the highs and lows were even. So that is a good thing. The one high about having this great opportunity to serve in the peace corp is so right Keep up the hard work. We love you very much . Papa duff

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