When you feel a little…..


When the idea of…..

 driving a car has an overwhelming emotional response

eating ice cream makes an appearance in dreams every night

seeing friends and family brings tears of happiness and excitement

wearing shorts outside makes your legs want to dance with delight

going to a GIANT superstore and looking at every single item makes you  feel like a kid in a toy store

Of course, I could go on and on… but!

Lesson planning, report forms, and a grant need to be done so just look up and forward and listen to this song over and over*


2 thoughts on “When you feel a little…..

  1. Thanks Hunny Bunny for sharing and such a lovely song! Hoppy Easter !!

    Love, Uncle Larry and Aunt Carole
    PS Please pass our congratulations to Tyler— and don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. you are doing great ! Giving and remembering the good things and simple pleasures of your stateside social experiment. LRH&CLH

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