Holllyyyyyyy Ramadan!!!!

Literally, it is the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN!!!!! Ramadan Mabroke! (Congratulations/ or more loosely translated: Happy Ramadan!)

Yes, you guessed it! We are now in the THROES of Ramadan!!!! Going outside today was a little like walking through a ghost town. We thought that we remembered that things were up and going around mid-day but by 11:30, all of the cafes were closed (of course) but so were many hanoots (stores!). Also, Wednesdays are usually our best souk (market) days but today left a little to be desired.

So here we are Ramadan…. its you…. and me (cue* old Western movie music)

Ramadan : are you yella?

Me: No I’m not yella- give me all you got!

Ramadan: I’ve got lessons…. lessons you’ve never dreamed of!!!!

Me: What you mean, lessons? I don’t need to be taught nothin! I’ve seen you around these parts before… you don’t do nothin but cause trouble!

Ramadan: At dawn, in the 8th month…. you’ll see!

(cue* old Western music)

Well, obviously I have had a face-off with Ramadan… closed stores, slower schedules, hard travel etc. etc! But* it is important, just like many holidays, to find and hold true the deeper meaning. What is it about Ramadan that  is so special and oftentimes, a favorite holiday of many?

I guess Ramadan was right, I DO* have a lot to learn.

Ramadan goal:

write a blog post every day!!!!


3 thoughts on “Holllyyyyyyy Ramadan!!!!

  1. Amber, I can not imagine your hood being like a ghost town. The whole time we were there always a lot of people and things going on. I bet that they have a lot more calls to prayer.. Love you Papa Duff

    • it is CRAZY! I spent 20 minutes looking out the window and there were only 2 people. At night though, it is BUSY as all get out! Loud until the wee hours of the morning!

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