The best prize is a SUR-prise!

note* this post was supposed to be for two days ago but I have been having trouble uploading pictures to my computer – so* READ this as if it were two days ago!

a huge GIANT hug who can name that* movie! Anywho- I just wanted to let you all know I am OFFICIALLY OUT OF MY COOKING COMA! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And* plus on the plus! It has been making Ramadan go by quickly! I had a goal for Ramadan to try 4-5 new recipes and I have exceeded that goal- which is obviously SUPER exciting!

I thought you all would want to join in in my excitement so here are some pictures of my recent recipes… PLUS of course, a SURPRISE at the end!

IMG_2720Cake donuts with chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar as toppings

IMG_2724Lentil-Basil Burgers

IMG_2749Cheesy Onion-Garlic Bagels

IMG_2759Lemon Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

IMG_2760Peach-Strawberry Oat Muffins (these have no added sugar!)

So, I actually have two surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that a surprise in and of itself? I guess that would be three? Hmm… anyway! We are starting to develop quite the tomato crop- and by crop I mean SIX WHOLE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!! Considering last year we had two the whole year, I would say we have tripled our crop! LOOK OUT!

IMG_2744photoFEAST YOUR EYES ON HOMEMADE COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so easy, I am troubled by all of the squandered time in Morocco without my (almost) favorite delicious treat! AND* did I mention how easy it was? Amazing, I tell you, amazing!

Isn’t life full of such fun little surprises?!


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