Ramadan Information… Food Edition

So.. I bring you the second most important part  about Ramadan! THE FOOD! Which is a little strange since the month is supposed to be about fasting… which it IS… but the celebratory, joyful part is breaking said fast. The first meal, which is broken at sundown, is called lftur (in Morocco). It is customary or sunnah (which is living in accordance with the teachings of the prophet Mohammed) to break fast with other people. It is also encouraged to help those who may not be able to afford their own lftur. In Larache, one of my wonderful counterparts and another local association have planned for 8 days to provide a public lftur for anyone. We were able to attend one last night and it was amazing!!


A table set for Lftur…. hard boiled eggs, water, chebekiya, bread, dates…. the gang’s all here! Well except for Harira ( a delicious Moroccan soup!)IMG_0016

My counterpart and a friend getting ready for the sun to go down!IMG_0009

putting some bread out! IMG_0006

The beautiful view from the site of the lftur!

As I have mentioned before A LOT* changes during Ramadan- this also includes the price of our food. Vegetables stay about the same but fruit- whoa boy!- that gets expensive! Bananas shot up from 10 dirhams ($1.20ish) per kilo to 20 dirhams! In just a couple of days- this is similar with all of the amazing fruit that is in season right now peaches, nectarines, figs, pears, grapes, watermelon, honeydew melon… I mean really, the list goes on and on! The summer is AN AMAZINNNNGGGGG time for fruit!

But it is a good thing that right before sun down there are tons and tons of vendors out selling the MOST DELICIOUS* treats! These include:


Briwat (the triangle shaped deliciousness- which is stuffed with chicken) and the orange deliciousness is called Ghayf (in the north) this version is full of onions, green peppers and flavored with tomato!

msemmenmineThis is my own attempt at Ghayf (after many many many tries)- this is plain kind- it can also be called Msemmen or Millwee. Regardless of the name- its all delicious!

chebakiyaThis funny lookin’ pastry is a treat called chebekiya (which I linked up above) – its sweet honey goodness melts in your mouth!!!!!!!

There are many more Ramadan (and some everyday) treats called Baghrir (which is like an upside down pancake); sfouf (toasted flour concoction) ; batbout (small little breads); different kinds of cookies and breads and even little pizzas and Moroccan spring rolls!!!! It is all around a delicious time!!!! We have been fortunate enough to snack on all of these goodies as well as join in some lfturs! DELICIOUS!

After lftur, a break is taken and people enjoy being outside in the cool weather. Our center city is very hoppin’ at this time (around 10/11 pm) then people have two more meals before the final call to prayer signaling daylight at about 330am. The last meal before sunrise is called suhoor and is often a lighter meal. This time is so special to so many people and creates many, many lasting memories much like Christmas and Thanksgiving do for many Americans (though not all). It is a time for FOOD FASTING AND MORE FOOD! Who couldn’t love a holiday like this?!


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