In the swing of things!

camelNo no no…this is not a camel from Morocco… but he seems pretty excited about Wednesdays!!! Which is something that he and I have in common… WEDNESDAYS!!!!! I am not really sure why I like them… but my affinity for them has increased tenfold since I learned that Wednesdays are our best souk days!!!!

This summer was not as slow as the last, in fact, it was really busy! We had some amazing visitors and recently had a SUPER successful day camp at our Dar Chabab. Of course, we could not have done it without three incredible other volunteers, I mean seriously, these girls were rock-stars! Pulling out icebreakers/songs/activities out of nowhere! Friendships bracelets, hands of Peace, collages about self worth! It was beautiful!!!! Here is one collage/poem that a boy wrote about himself that I found particularly charming….


And then we were blessed with wonderful gifts from our mudir and the kids… it was amazing!

We will have another camp this coming week, which Tyler and some more rockstars will lead. I am stepping to the side on this one to focus on my girls camp coming up the first week of September. Inshallah, both will be a success!!!!! Then hopefully after the camp we will have a little downtime before our schedule kicks-in in October!!!!

The girls and I also had some really really really GREAT luck at souk last week, here are some of the items that I found!

bootsBooties – 10dh = $1.20

blouseWonderful Blouse (the little polka dots are actually hearts!) 14dhs = ~$1.80

blazerBLAZER! 15 dhs = $1.90

I have been asked to focus my spending exploits on specific items… so I am going to try to find nice office clothes! Plenty of blazers, booties and hopefully blouses and pants! We shall see!!!



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