It’s a love story, baby just say yes….

3 years ago today, Tyler and I decided to get hitched! I am sure we knew at the time that it would be an adventure. But we could never have truly imagined what was in store for us… or for that matter what will be in store for us in the future.

IMG_1494It is crazy to think that it has been three years already! That three years ago we were busy planning a wedding, I was graduating, we moved to Arlington, both starting new jobs and graduate school- all while hoping that Peace Corps would work out!

Photo 5

Now Peace Corps has worked out and we have been married IN Peace Corps longer than we have NOT*. Nuts.


But what isn’t crazy… and a good thing he doesn’t know I am writing this post because I will let you in on a secret… he HATES public displays of affection. I figured I might get away with it this ONE time though… because it needs to be said how great he is.


Like all couples, we bicker etc. etc. But what is comforting and what makes me love him more each day is knowing that when we bicker- it is just between us*, when we hug- it is just between us. We go through things day in and day out and that only helps to get to know one another better. Love stories throughout time each have their special qualities, quirks and unique ways of working.

Like Juno and Bleaker, I love when I make him laugh.

Like Ally and Noah, he is loyal and his love endless.

Like Barack and Michelle, he is unquestionably intelligent and motivational

Like Lady Mary and Matthew, we aren’t always on the same page but we are always able to work it out

Like Julia and Joel (Parenthood), I am a little kooky and OCD sometimes and he is the calm within the storm

Like Jed and Abby Bartlet, we lead busy lives, each of us focusing on being successful but in the most important moments we are there to support, motivate and inspire the other

Like Adam and Eve, I often jump on any temptation or indulgence but Tyler is there to reel me back into reality

Like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, we overcome all of our differences to truly love and admire the other

He is what Pheobe from “Friends” would describe as my “lobster”. The one person I am able to be myself with, the one person that despite everything will love me for me, the one person who is willing to grow and change and go through everything together. I could not be more blessed to call someone -so intelligent, so kind and down-to-earth, so gracious, so loving, so intuitive, and so amazing to be my partner in crime in this adventure that is life!

Here’s to three and many more!



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