Ohhh heyyyy there 26 year old!

Hey all!!!!!!!!!!!

I figured that on my big day of 26- woof! Age is so funny… oftentimes people say “I don’t feel [fill in whatever age]”. It’s crazy because not long ago being in ones late 20s, meant MIDDLE AGED! NUTS! Now, people are living longer and longer… what is it like to feel* an age?! But my number says 26 this year… the big ole’ 2-6… so I thought I would do a list, since I love lists!!!

Heeeerrreeeeee we go!

25 things I learned as a 25 year old!

1) Time passes more quickly EVERY single year… being 18/19 seems like it was yesterday!

2) Walking around with a permanent Instagram filters make my life (and a plate of donuts) instantaneously more *glamorous*

3) I don’t know how to spell instantaneously without spell-check (I still had to spell check it the second time)

4) Mayans can’t predict the end of the world

5) Climate change-is a real thing… has there been hard evidence to refute this claim…Hurricane Sandy, crazy winter weather, etc. etc.

6) The Irish say “Slainte’ instead of “Cheers”

7) The innate ability to adjust to a new environment is much stronger than most people believe

8) Henry really likes yogurt (and biting people)

9) Sexual harassment around the world is a real* and serious* problem

10) I miss wearing makeup and doing my hair everyday, but at the same time I enjoy not having to do it everyday

11) Friendships are like cookies coming out of the oven…. warm, delightful and always welcome!

12) It is always important to treat relationships with care… pay attention to them, nurture them, get out the kinks.

13) The world just wasn’t ready for Ole’ Mitty

14) The Irish and English are very friendly- especially those who believe you are from Oklahoma! Here’s to you Jimmity Jim!

15) The possibility of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys’ reunions make me want to put glitter above my eyes and on my arms and write about how much I love them in my new shiny gel pens!

16) Even after cutting your husband’s hair for 3 years straight, there is still exists a large margin for error

17) Persistence through hard times is really really worth it… I appreciate Tyler’s stubbornness for making our Peace Corps service a “go big and CAN’T go home” experience

18) Michael Jackson’s “Ben” is STILL my favorite song

19) GLOW camps are so special and offer an experience that is irreplaceable for all of those involved- I am so thankful to everyone who helped make it happen. It is something that I will never forget

20) I am a hardcore TV Junkie- give me nearly any tv show and I can become addicted to it, its a dangerous way to live life

21) I actually have some* patience

22) Shopping can be done anytime/anywhere in the world! Woot for retail therapy!

23) The foreign policies of the US and the actions have serious repercussions….. and influencing people in a positive way as a foreigner is a very very difficult job

24) Illiteracy is a very real issue- and being illiterate in a language is a very humbling experience

25) I really appreciate living abroad and gaining new experiences, especially as a religious minority, AND* learning another language!


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