Mbroke Leid! (part 2)!

I am not sure if I talked about L3id Kbir  (said lay-eed ka-beer) last year or not? I don’t think so, because I think apart of me was very disappointed that we were not invited to any homes to help celebrate the holiday. I have learned though, over the past year, that that is really not the nature of our community. The people with whom we are close with, celebrate with us in the public sphere,  for example: the giant plaza near our home or at the Dar Chabab. During our training and otherwise, we were told “ooo, you will be invited EVERYWHERE! “, “everyone will want you around all the time” etc. etc. etc. This is not really the case for us, we were invited to the occasional break the fast during Ramadan and last year for the end of Ramadan celebration, we were invited to my tutor’s home. But this is not a normal occurrence for us. Of course, this could be for a number of reasons but I largely contribute it to…

a) we are a couple and therefore people think we are “taken care of”

b) we are in a very large city, a lot of the women work and take care of their home thus they are very busy. And it is more difficult to get to know people in a larger city

c) The North of Morocco is much much different than the South- a completely different feel and how people are treated

Of course, it could be that I come up with these reasons to protect my own ego but regardless we still notice the subtle differences that it is about to be/is L3id time.

If you are living in Morocco and you aren’t sure that it is l3id time… here are some things that you might notice….

-Grills, charcoal and hand-held meat grinders (not a normal thing at the market) start popping up out of nowhere at the daily/weekly market

-There is an excessive amount of bike pumps (used for getting the skin off the animal)

-There are random street vendors sharpening knives

-Prices go up on fruits/vegetables

-You hear random sheep bleeting but have no idea where it is coming from- note* it could be coming from the roof!

-Walking past random stores, you might see a large amount of sheep gathered in the area with a large amount of people corralling around the area

-Sheep are suddenly traveling in ways one never thought possible- trunks of cars, on the cargo carriers located atop moving vehicles, in open topped freight trucks, led by a rope held by a small boy or a person riding their bicycle– the sky is the limit! As long as the sheep arrives in time…

-If it is about 2 months after the end of Ramadan

-Large bales of hay begin to line the streets as well as vendors with larger than life knives (or what can only be called, machetes)

-Most people are in a holiday-ish, cheery mood!

-Your director tells you there will be no activities for almost a week, as does your exercise teacher, gym owner and all of your counterparts

-Everyone is cleaning/airing out their house for visitors, so you see all of the innards of their house (from kitchen to living room) sitting out on the street to get some sunlight

And these might just be SOME* of the signs, depending on where you are! Its crazy!

L3id will take place today (most countries it was yesterday) and things will be shut down for several days, meat places might not have meat for several weeks!!!! The forecast is good with sunshine all week, although in the morning is has gotten pretty cold. We are starting to finally feel the fall weather and wake up to 55 degree weather! Woof, winter…. here we come!

Mbroke L3id everyone! (Happy L3id!)


One thought on “Mbroke Leid! (part 2)!

  1. Very Interesting I remember you talking about this a little last year. Must be a big celebration for them.. Miss you both. Counting the days love you Dad Duff

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