A couple of weekends ago a volunteer close to us organized a Halloween party for her Dar Chabab. It was on the weekend following Halloween, though it doesn’t really matter because Halloween as a holiday doesn’t really fall on most Moroccan’s holiday radar.  For all they knew, these crazy Americans were painting their own faces and offering for them to take pictures in front of a weird tree and house [photo booth], put their their heads in a bucket to pick up apples with their teeth [bobbing for apples], sending them through a dark room underneath tables while people shouted ‘boo’ at them [Haunted House] and offered to paint everyone’s faces!
This is the volunteer’s second Halloween party (last year was the first) and this year was an even bigger success!
Last year I was assigned to crazyyyyyyyy bobbing for apples. I am telling you… it was like releasing kids that had had at least 5 red bulls and 10 pounds of candy, each*!
This year, I painted faces. Which, actually wasn’t that bad, I didn’t realize that I had some face-paintin’ skillz that I wasn’t aware of!!!
 one of my creations…
Can you guess what my costume was?
A PIN WIN! (AKA A Pinterest Win)
Culturally appropriate and homemade, I am sure you guessed it, Frankenstein!
Look at those suspenders! 
the games and decorations!
took a bit for the concept of a photo booth to kick-in, some still didn’t get it (see bottom left)
Then a crazzzyyyy cat-shaped pinata at the end!!!And trust me, EVERYONE was in on that party… you can see in this picture some of the mamas gettin’ in on that action!

Halloween is over for another year… next year we will be back in the States (which is crazy enough to think about) so I should start thinking about my costume… I really would like to make it! Only time will tell! Happy Halloween! 🙂


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