Cheers and Slainte!

I realized that I never posted about our fabulous trip to Ireland and England!

It was our first trip all-together, (Tyler, Mama and Papa Duff and I) and it was amazing!

I was coming back from my best friend’s wedding in the states so Mama and Papa Duff flew with me and then the Tyler (who didn’t come back with me) met us in London!
From there… we grabbed our rental car to drive to Ireland!
It was a little adjustment to drive on the right side of the road… but thankfully our car was hip enough to beep whenever Tyler or Papa Duff might go over the line! Let’s just say that didn’t always receive the most positive response!
pictures of the beautiful English Countryside!
 We stayed in a port town called Holyhead, where few things were open but we found this bar and the men in there were quite* friendly!
Would you be able to tell he tried to give Mama Duff a kiss right after this? Probably… we left shortly after
The next morning we took the ferry to Dublin and spent a few (too) short days in Ireland!
ready for the Ferry!!

Beautiful Dublin!!!! We did so much in Dublin! Jameson Tour… Guinness Tour and for a small day trip we even went to see the Blarney Castle! It was rainy and cold but it would pause just long enough for us to take BEAUTIFUL pictures of the greenery!

kissin the ole’ Blarney Stone! This was actually pretty scary if you didn’t closed your eyes!! 
There were sooo many pubs in Ireland and England that we, sadly, couldn’t make it to them all so if we drank at the pub- one or both of the boys would take a picture in front of it AND if we didn’t- one or both of the girls would take a picture of it!

Then we headed back to England on the ferry, where we wanted to stop in both Liverpool and Cambridge but we unfortunately had to return the rental car. We never* give ourselves enough time for things when we plan trips- it is definitely one of our downfalls!!

Once we returned the rental car, we spent the rest of our days in London! And of course* we took my favorite Double Decker bus!!!!!!!! I ADORE* these buses, I know they are expensive but I believe they are undoubtedly the best way to see cities! We have been on one in almost every* city we have visited (if they have them). And London was EXTRA special because they still have live guides!!!

On our first day, we decided to walk to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace from our hostel near Hyde Park. It was a beautiful walk and we were able to see this funny little guy… isn’t he a crazy type of bird? There were so many of them, I just loved his little feet!

We had quite a good seat for the changing of the guard! Go us! It was crazy busy- as I am sure it normally is!!!
Throughout the rest of the days we were there, we got some crazy-good pictures from the Double Decker!

Took a walking Jack-the-Ripper tour (offered by the bus company)

Ate a delicious breakfast at our hostel every morning

VISITED THE TWININGS TEA SHOP! (FIRST ONE EVER) I never thought I would be so excited!

Of course visited many a-pub

Then hopped on one of the tiniest planes to come back to Morocco…

And that was our rainy, but fabulous trip to England and Ireland!!


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