Moreover Monday-Sexual Harassment in Morocco

This is one of the first articles that I have seen addressing this epidemic in Morocco. One wonders though, how will this new law be implemented? How long will it be until the perpetrators are really punished?

Sexual harassment in Morocco: perpetrators could get up to 4 years in jail

Sunday 3 November 2013 – 16:32
Assya B. Moussaid
Miss Assya B. Moussaid obtained her BA in Human Relations, from Concordia university with a minor in Human resources management. She has a Diploma in advertising & marketing from the International Academy of design. You can Follow her on Twitter …

This is especially great news for the women in Morocco, and even for men who are infuriated by the harassment their sisters, wives or even mothers have to endure.

This new law, drafted by the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Development and the Ministry of Justice and Liberties, aims to reduce the violence against women, and considers as sexual harassment any action or advances against a third party through acts, words or gestures of a sexual nature, or any attempts to reach a sexual act.

The offender will be faced with a jail sentence ranging from one month to two years, and/or a 1000dh to 3000dh fine.

The sentence could be doubled, reaching up to 4 years in prison if the offense is committed by a colleague at the workplace or by a public sector employee responsible for ensuring the order and safety of citizens.

Another section of this law underlines the punishment of any author of sexual videos- a disturbing phenomenon that has been thriving on technology and social media in particular.


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