Moroccan Livin and Wearin {2}- Rif Mountain Style

One of the most important facts about Morocco is its’ climate is diverse as its’ people. Contrary to popular belief during the winter months it gets cold, the country is not all desert. By cold, I mean 40’s at night most places around the country and 50’s during the day. This is not even mentioning those sites that get snow…

Keep in mind that it is very rare for any* Morocco homes to have heating. There is no form of central heating, that I have seen at least. Where it snows, some families are lucky to have a wood-burning heater or a heater that uses butane gas.

So when I mean 40’s, I mean I am under a 2-3 blankets with fleece pajamas. In my site, I am sure I really don’t know what it means to be cold, all I can do is reminisce about during my training when it snowed. I feel for those that live in the mountains.

This lovely volunteer lives in a very small village named Moukrissat near Chefchaouen, which is in the beautiful Northern Rif Mountains. Her village has about 300 people, recently numbered at 301 with the birth of a neighbor baby!

Last year, a volunteer had a SIDA (AIDS) event near there in December and I remember it being one of the coldest I have ever felt.

Marshall’s jeggings : $14.99
A tank underneath to cover quote “her shameful areas”
Wool long sleeve: souk (market in site)
Long sleeve : H&M
Peacoat: souk 20dirhams ~$2.60
Scarf: Fes Medina 40 dirhams ~$5.00

This is just another way that a volunteer is culturally appropriate, comfortable in her clothing for a good price and most of all…. warm (note*she is wearing 4 layers) in her mountainous village where it can get snowy white during the winter months!


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