GLOW CAMP-video!!!!

Hey everyone! I know I made it seem like the GLOW Camp updates were done, but just kidding!!!!

The most important thing!

One of the volunteers that helped to put this amazing/fabulous event on made an INCREDIBLE video!!!

Also* the music in the background? That is the girls throughout the week!!! The same volunteer recorded them whenever they did cheers or songs (aka ALL* the time) and them embedded it into the video! AMAZING!!!!

*notice about 7:15 it is the Darija version of “If you are happy and you know it”!

*at 8:03 it is a war between tomatoes (matisha) and potatoes (btata)

*at 10:20 you can see the beautiful Larache coastline while the girls are doing their “Arooshtasha”

*at 12:33 the last night there was a wedding! The chant they are doing is one that is traditionally done at weddings and big events

*at 14:10, our caterer is leading the girls in the French version of Auld Lang Syne…. I guess ANYTHING can happen!

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Let’s get this party started!


AND* 7 (almost 8) days in… I still am in a state of disbelief that it is 2013. I often question myself and have even checked all of the calendars available to me at least 5 times! I am not sure why 2013 has me in such a state of shock but I figured some of the shock could be relieved by a brand new shiny* set of New Year’s resolutions!!!

Now, I happen to feel a little bit sorry for resolutions. They get dumped on quite a bit… almost all of the blogs I follow (food, political and otherwise) have disowned resolutions, albeit for “goals” or “intentions” etc. However, resolutions and I have a pretty solid relationship (except for the running resolution of learning how to knit, HEY! Its only been seven two years). So because of our semi-functional relationship, I will keep calling them resolutions. I am a big fan of the number five when it comes to resolutions… starting off more simple and then working towards the harder things. I also* prefer to quantify things… saying that I want to run more is much easier to achieve when you say, I want to run 700 miles this year! So I am going to quantify my resolutions as best as I can… 


1. Read the bible- Although I have heard many of its stories throughout the years, I think it is an important book to have on your “read” list. Even if not read for religious reasons, it is a powerful historical document. Also, in my quest to learn more about religions… it is often useful to go right to the source. I found this plan and even though I am already behind… there are those wonderful catch up days!!!

2. Learn how to knit  crochet! I have needles and yarn… now! All I need is patience!

3. Be more patient…. this one is pretty difficult to quantify. I could say, I will take 5 deep breaths when I am frustrated… but it is much easier said than done…so I will have to work on how to measure this.

4. Do yoga once a week- I adore yoga… the discipline and the work that it involves is invigorating, but there is a reason that it is called a “practice”. It is important to see yoga as an evolution- I know that it is probably better to do it more than once a week but because I have had such a hard time committing to yoga… I am starting small.

5. Show the people you love that you care-I have been reminded in the past nine months of how important it is that you show the people that you love that you care. Not being able to be around people that you know and love, consistently, can wear on a person- I am very lucky to have Tyler here with me on a daily basis but I still miss a TON* of people. So, I am going to try and do something for someone I love once per week. I am not sure how I will accomplish this… but there are plenty of pinterest ideas!!! 🙂

So although 2013 still seems like a bit of a shock and most times, when I sit down to think about it, I am really overwhelmed with the idea that we will be in Morocco for the ENTIRE year. But breaking it down and reminding myself of the important things are what resolutions are for… yes, they might be overrated and useless.. but* traditions are traditions, no matter where you are in the world.

So 2013…. it’s nice to meet you and I am sure we will have a great time together!