There’s no place like home!

Traveling is so inspiring…. Going someplace new or different will no doubt be an adventure.

This is true even if it means traveling to a place so familiar it is comparable to your very favorite outfit.

These are some nibblies from my travel adventures to America!

* after having nervous belly for the entire taxi ride to Tangier, me and my 65 pounds of luggage started on our walk to the airport (it’s about 3/4 of a mile) and the next thing I know, a car is pulling over with friendly Moroccans asking me if I needed a ride to the airport (don’t worry, there was a man and a woman). They dropped me off at the airport and then turned around. This type of kindness that I have experienced in Morocco gives me a special cared for feeling, they weren’t even going to the airport!

* getting taxied across an airport lot always makes me feel extra important as the (limo) bus races through the open space!!!!!. Then as you walk through the doors it’s like a scene in a movie where empowering music, like this song, comes over the speakers and the anticipation for the protagonist’s adventure is palpable

* I successfully used a Spanish pay phone!! Just the fact that there was a working payphone was something to write home about. But my payphone experience in Spain in 2009 was as horrendous as a scene from a horror movie, I am still not sure who was freaked out more – me or the payphone. So I am glad to have made amends with the payphones.

* I have never stayed in a hotel room by myself but I must say, I didn’t hate it! (singin…. We flyin first class, up in sky… poppin champagne, livin the life…)

*having a good seat buddy on an 8 hour flight is a SIGNIFICANT plus, especially when your plane is really old and shows only one movie (that you have already seen).

* hugs are underrated- the amount of hugs that I received over the span of ten days made my soul feel whole again. Mostly because these hugs were coming from people that I deeply care about, from my best friends to my mom to members of Tyler’s amazing family to my own family members (including the most special type of hug from my Grandpa). You don’t realize how much hugs mean until you receive them from those that truly know and care about you

*getting lost in rural Indiana without Internet or cell service is equally as scary as going to a foreign country (note* may cause panic attacks- do not try this at home)

* seeing your gorgeous best friend marry the love of her life is a fairy tale that Disney just has not been able to capture yet

*if there was a record amount of food consumed in one week- I think I beat it (or at the very least matched it) starting with macaroni and cheese pizza and ending with toffee truffle crunch popcorn

*waiting in the wrong line for 45 minutes really did not frustrate me at all, I just waddled (because of the 40 pounds of luggage – not the amount of food) on over to the right line and had a splendid conversation with a British man who checked me in! (My patience is improving!)

*salon haircuts are truly a gift from God!

Well, that is all for now, America! See you in less than a year!

………Stay tuned for those from Britain and Ireland! (And yes, they MUST be read with an accent)!


Bon voyage!

Today, I am leaving for the motherland!

I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED* to eat Chipotle, drink my favorite beverages, drive my car and most of all spend some much needed time with friends and family. To prepare//make the time pass quickly this week…. I spent some quality hours at the souk!



jean jacket: 15 dh ($1.90)

skirt: 8 dh ($1.00)

Total cost: 23 dh ($2.90)