GLOW CAMP-video!!!!

Hey everyone! I know I made it seem like the GLOW Camp updates were done, but just kidding!!!!

The most important thing!

One of the volunteers that helped to put this amazing/fabulous event on made an INCREDIBLE video!!!

Also* the music in the background? That is the girls throughout the week!!! The same volunteer recorded them whenever they did cheers or songs (aka ALL* the time) and them embedded it into the video! AMAZING!!!!

*notice about 7:15 it is the Darija version of “If you are happy and you know it”!

*at 8:03 it is a war between tomatoes (matisha) and potatoes (btata)

*at 10:20 you can see the beautiful Larache coastline while the girls are doing their “Arooshtasha”

*at 12:33 the last night there was a wedding! The chant they are doing is one that is traditionally done at weddings and big events

*at 14:10, our caterer is leading the girls in the French version of Auld Lang Syne…. I guess ANYTHING can happen!

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