Some people have these kinds of days….. some people are lucky enough to not have them…. then there are even those who, God love them, have more than one. These kinds of days are the hardest, the hardest to remember -as all of the memories scroll through like an old home movie. These days are also the hardest to forget – it can sit as a reminder for all that should have been done. The times I forgot to call back or was “too busy”, the times I didn’t tell him how much I appreciated him, the times when I gave him a hug and I should have squeezed a little bit tighter.

Its important though…. on days like these to remember all that they did, to remember all of the happy times (and WHOA* did he know how to have a good time!) and to know most importantly- they wouldn’t want the lives of those they loved to be lived in regret or remorse.

Two years ago, I woke up in disbelief. That one of the most inspirational and loving people that I have ever known would be taken from this world. Today, I woke up in the same disbelief. However, I was reminded that he still inspires me to this day- he left behind a legacy, a legacy that lives on through his family and friends.  2332_50572956796_1640_n

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If I were to go through all that he taught me, I would need about 1000s of blog pages.

He taught me the importance of family…. how precious they are and how essential it is to show love not just say it.



100_4028He taught me the importance of laughter… that there is always a funny side of life and all meals should be served with a BIG helping of laughter

IM000033.JPG100_4023He taught me sacrifice. Its not a surprise, he definitely spoiled me and my sister. But times such as these, GOING ON THE DUCK TOUR, regardless of whether he wanted to actually* go, can never be replaced. Although, I am sure I didn’t always deserve to be spoiled – it means so much to know how he much he cared

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He and my aunt set an incredible example of marriage. Through all times, good/bad, stressful, happy, fun, sad…. it is important to be there for your spouse no matter what.

bostonfam 005UDandAmber3-2006313585_600489293117_705574472_nHe taught me to drive, most important how to do U-turns

He inspired my love of tea, rhubarb pie, granola, dried apricots, coffee, movies, television shows…. anything to be like UD!

He taught me to be calm when you get pulled over or your car has been totaled

He taught me to listen…. to be there for others

He taught that when Celine Dion comes out with a new cd, stick your hands out the sun roof and enjoy the ride!!!!!!

He (and many others) assured me that one day- my sister and I would get along!

He taught me the right way to do long road trips- lots of good snacks!

He taught me to be flexible and to stay positive, that everything works out in the end.

He taught me how to have a good party, with delicious drinks and loved ones

Although this is still such a raw and painful day, it is yet another reminder of all those lessons that people in life teach. It is a reminder to show people love and kindness. It is a reminder to heed all of these lessons, especially when it is most difficult.

622476_4523401970139_1544400263_o2627_1104612382536_904928_n“Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take our memories away either. In the end, life is stronger than death”

Love you always, UD


Holllyyyyyyy Ramadan!!!!

Literally, it is the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN!!!!! Ramadan Mabroke! (Congratulations/ or more loosely translated: Happy Ramadan!)

Yes, you guessed it! We are now in the THROES of Ramadan!!!! Going outside today was a little like walking through a ghost town. We thought that we remembered that things were up and going around mid-day but by 11:30, all of the cafes were closed (of course) but so were many hanoots (stores!). Also, Wednesdays are usually our best souk (market) days but today left a little to be desired.

So here we are Ramadan…. its you…. and me (cue* old Western movie music)

Ramadan : are you yella?

Me: No I’m not yella- give me all you got!

Ramadan: I’ve got lessons…. lessons you’ve never dreamed of!!!!

Me: What you mean, lessons? I don’t need to be taught nothin! I’ve seen you around these parts before… you don’t do nothin but cause trouble!

Ramadan: At dawn, in the 8th month…. you’ll see!

(cue* old Western music)

Well, obviously I have had a face-off with Ramadan… closed stores, slower schedules, hard travel etc. etc! But* it is important, just like many holidays, to find and hold true the deeper meaning. What is it about Ramadan that  is so special and oftentimes, a favorite holiday of many?

I guess Ramadan was right, I DO* have a lot to learn.

Ramadan goal:

write a blog post every day!!!!