Things I miss….

Morocco has been the holder of many firsts for me… the first time I have been away from the friends, family and the US for longer than 3 months, the first time I have LIVED* outside of the US, and specifically… the first time I have ever spent Christmas away from family… so I thought to spread some love I would write about the things I miss

I miss….. 


*best friends*

*Herman and Lewis*

*going out to eat*

*egg nog (although I plan on trying to make it soon)*


*girls nights*

*running outside*

*Christmas Lights*

*indoor heating*


*Kitty Litter*

*My wonderful vacuum*



*my hair straightener*

*everything on our wish list- ALTHOUGH I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for all of our package senders… it makes being here much more bearable!!!!!*

*decorating a Christmas tree*

*watching TV… on a TV*

*going inside a big store… walking through the aisles and looking at every* single* thing*


*washing machines*

*Washington D.C.*

However, as Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco… there are things for which I am extremely grateful (that we probably take for granted) that other volunteers might not have… like WIFI, water in our apartment, reliable transportation, hot water heater… etc. etc. So in the spirit of appreciating LIFE as it is now… I thought I would also write a list of things that I will miss about Morocco when we leave (this is a game that a volunteer told me about awhile ago that really helps in times like these)

I will miss….

*fresh produce-practically right off the vine, root etc.*



*AMAZING finds at the daily market- Burberry jacket for 8 dollarssss… WHAT!*

*the opportunity to learn part of a new language every day*

*the time to read*

*spending all day, everyday with Tyler….I am not sure he would say the same ;)*

*the time to bake/cook whatever I want*

*finding something I didn’t know Morocco had i.e. condensed milk*

*the satisfaction that comes from figuring something simple out*

*traveling to new places all of the time*

*living so close to the ocean*

*being this close to Europe*

*Other PCV’s knowing EXACTLY what I am going through*

*Learning about another religion and culture, firsthand*

The list isn’t as long as the first… but I am sure over the next 18 months I will learn to appreciate more and more aspects of Morocco. And things that I miss from home… might scare me when I return i.e. driving, big stores… and I am sure that there will be those times that I will be talking about someone and low and behold, they are giving me the stink eye because not only can they hear* me talking about them, but they can also understand……

Love to everyone at home, we miss you! I will leave you with a picture that we recently took for our 2012 Christmas pictures!!!