Struck again!

So, we heard officially last night (had to make sure the moon was good) that today is the LAST day of Ramadan! Crazy… I know!

So that means the next couple days will consist of family gatherings, celebrations and LOTS AND LOTS of delicious food!!!!! Last year for breakfast we had cakes, millwee, eggs, and much much more! I could barely move by noon!!! Then on Monday… things will miraculously return to normal! Almost like Ramadan never happened…. its crazy!!! But August appears like it is going to be a busy month for us, our mudir wants to have not one but TWO* camps with 60 kids each, so of course we called on the powers of some other volunteers. Also- in the news we have EIGHTEEN, count ’em, EIGHTEEN tomatoes in our crop this year! Our lettuce is almost ready to harvest and the peppers are flowering! So exciting, we are also going to try broccoli again in September (it was too hot when we planted it the first time).

I found my best Ramadan souk purchase (well almost best, I wish the rain boots had been my size, they had FUR inside them!!!!). I consider it quite the accomplishment because during Ramadan souk has been pretty meskin (poor).

photo117 dhs= about $2

Now that we have some good lettuce, maybe I can try out some of the new dress-ing recipes that I found!!! 🙂

Mbroke L3id (essentially, Happy Feast!!!!)


Bon voyage!

Today, I am leaving for the motherland!

I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED* to eat Chipotle, drink my favorite beverages, drive my car and most of all spend some much needed time with friends and family. To prepare//make the time pass quickly this week…. I spent some quality hours at the souk!



jean jacket: 15 dh ($1.90)

skirt: 8 dh ($1.00)

Total cost: 23 dh ($2.90)