Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well… because the little boy kicked glass at it!

I never thought I would be able to answer that question honestly!!!!

Well, anywhoo… I figured while our internet was working (aka the weather is good) I would post something short!

Everything has been kind of a whirlwind of adjustment… including the weather! We have had more snow than we experienced in the states this past winter, which is extremely helpful because essentially all I brought to prepare for this weather are toms and a columbia fleece!! So note* don’t let anyone tell you that it cannot snow in the desert… it indeed CAN!!!

We are learning more and more language, which is good… we learned some verbs so now we are conjugating them in conversation (even if it takes a couple of times!! 🙂 ) and still eating a TON* of delicious food!!! We figured out the shower situation and* I even spread out my wings a little and went to the Hammam (which is a public bathhouse), where I was given a swat on the toosh by a tiny little boy who was with his mom– talk about interesting!!!

Other things to note* we almost* got a cat through the Peace Corps channel… but sadly it will go to another volunteer who lives closer to the current owner. But don’t fear readers, we will get one some day soon!!!

And well, that day might* be today?!?!?! So, for those of you who don’t know, Tyler and I are animal lovers and well, we have figured out that Moroccans don’t EXACTLY feel the same way. Which is fine, but we found a small kitten today that looked to be 3-4 months old, just sitting alone and mewing. Well, of course that hit both of our heart strings but we were on our way to the youth center so we had to leave it. Luckily, the place that it chose for its home is an area that we pass by SEVERAL times a day… so we checked on it several times. It has a hurt back leg but we got creative and found a plastic bottle and cut the bottom off and put some water in it and gave it some bread. It doesn’t trust us so that is our first priority—gaining its trust. The hardest part is that there is no shelter or place that we can take it to—and while I understand the facts of life and the circle of life will continue… if I can in ANYWAY help this poor little kitten (whose name by the way is Caramel – said with a French accent) then I will. And don’t worry—Tyler and I both received our last rabies shot today.

Hopefully more positive updates on Caramel soon! It is starting to become real that we have a month left in Ifrane before we move into our permanent site where we will integrate ourselves into the community on our own…. But swiya b swiya! 🙂