starting a nomadic way of life…..

So… still no word from the Peace Corps. Naturally, I am nervous, we are moving back to Indiana in less than two weeks with no recent updates. But, as I have learned throughout the past two years…

“Patience is a virtue”

so, I will have to sit here and be patient. Which means, checking out blogs from other Peace Corps members. Writing emails to current volunteers and just recently returned volunteers, packing, running and planning a smaller road trip!!! Which makes us sort of more nomadic but… its exciting!!! 

We kicked off our sort of road trip to a visit to New York City this weekend, it was really fantastic! A little cold but all in all a great preview of the Big Apple. There is so much to do there and hard to decide where to go and what exactly to do, plus it is a little expensive. So we used this trip as a trouble shoot for our much larger road trip, saving a bit of money when we can but also enjoying what the city has to offer!  We stayed at this small hotel near to the Empire State building! Which, we did not* go up in because it was $22.00 per person, but don’t worry! For an extra $8.00 per person you can get an audio tour! Absolutely NUTS! But we did splurge on an off-Broadway musical called “The Newsical”, which is about current events!!! It was really funny! Except, there were times that Tyler and I were the only ones laughing… kind of strange? And we went to a comedy show! Also, something that is a MUST* SEE* in New York is the new 9/11 memorial, which opened in September 2011. It is, in a word, majestic. As it should be, Tyler said it in a way that summed it all together….

It is a final resting place for hundreds of people” 

The names, the water … everything was peaceful yet very moving. A definite* must see.

But, it was really difficult to keep on track with my training. I finally decided last week that I would be running in a half marathon in Birmingham, AL on February 12, 2012!!! Which is during the first part of our bigger road trip! Luckily, I did not have a big run but it reminded me that keeping in shape and eating right is something that will be difficult during the first couple months of our stay in Morocco. Being conscious of what we eat and being active are some themes that I have seen on current blogs of Peace Corps volunteers. So after the next month or so of training… it will be one of my goals to look into work out videos/dvds that I can take with me- so that excuses don’t catch up with me!!! 

I hope that we hear something in the next couple of weeks from the Peace Corps- but in the mean time… I will be patient while spending time in the city with friends, looking forward to family visits and planning the road trip! 🙂