Using time wisely: BOOOKKSSS

So, because we have ample time to plot, think, discuss and ruminate over things here in Morocco… Tyler and I have exponentially increased our level of reading! Which is fabulous… so along with other accomplishments and lessons learned on here, I have decided to include the list of books that we have read! Of course, one of the reasons that I am publishing this is to also to entertain book recommendations!!!! I love hearing about other books people have read and why they enjoy them!




One thought on “Using time wisely: BOOOKKSSS

  1. Looks like Tyler hasn’t been reading much! 🙂 Miss you both and hope you’re having a great time!! If you’re looking for a new book to read and are into historical fiction–check out Ken Follett. Pillars of the Earth or Fall of Giants are both great books (and each has a sequel or two to keep you going for a while). Pillars of the Earth is set back during the Renaissance and Fall of Giants is set during the 1900s. Both are about a few different families and how their experiences during that time period are interrelated.

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