Lookin’ fine as can be….

So… things have been going really really well this week! Crazy* well, I feel so incredibly blessed… but I will share more about that later.

This morning because of said fabulous opportunities… I was unable to go to my regular work-out class. A blessing in disguise, really, because it is a rain-ful day. Some say hamdullah (Thanks be to God), I just blegh and want to stay inside with my teddy bears disguised as cats and eat a lot of soup!

Anywhoo, my yoga class on Fridays was changed to 11:30 in the morning because my illiteracy class started up again so I put on my lovely orange rain coat and ventured into the wetness. Since, I missed my morning workout, I decided to put a few miles in on the lovely* treadmill (I try not to abuse this amazing privilege). Obviously, I am beautiful at this point- hair soaked with sweat and not-to-mention I put my shirt on backwards… whoops! Essentially, I was lookin a-hot mess….IMG_0214

More or less… exactly* like this… only without my tennis shoes. Hot huh?

Well, I will tell you… I got not one, but three* cat calls…

First: Hola, Guapa

Second: Oh my God!

Third: ahhhhhh, guapita!

(guapa and guapita mean beautiful in Spanish)

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen… here I thought I was lookin’ a hot mess and I am as fiiiinnnneeee as can be! Who knew?

It makes me wonder what they* think is ugly? A question to ponder, I suppose!